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Our strength are our people. Our products are used worldwide on a daily basis by various professionals in various sectors. These people have an enormous drive and passion for their field. Our products help them strengthen their performance and ambitions. Our ambassadors enjoy helping build our brands. This can be by testing and reviewing our newest products or by creating content in the form of photos, videos and blogs.



Do you work in metrology? Do you work daily with Laser Trackers, Portable Measuring Arms or Industrial Theodolites? Then MQ is really something for you!



Do you work as a surveyor? Or do you work in the construction or agricultural sector? Do you often work with optical measuring equipment or machine control systems? Then the Geomate brand fits your daily work!

What do our brand ambassadors must have?

– Be one with our core values; ambitious, honest and inspiring
– Be fan of the brand
– Be a specialist in your market
– Want to make a difference

Apply as ambassador

We are looking for ambassadors for the brands MQ and Geomate.

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