We do things differently so you can make the difference!

What makes us unique

Since 1983 we have specialized in manufacturing high-quality tripods, masts and accessories. The quality of our products has proven itself over the years so that we supply worldwide to leading companies and have been able to enthuse our customers with our products for years.

What makes us so unique is that we have full control over the entire process, from design to end product. This means that we design, produce and assemble all our products in the Netherlands. This makes us extremely flexible and allows us to keep quality in our own hands.

The quality of our products starts with the innovative designs. All our products are robustly designed for a long service life and are easy and ergonomic to use. For the production of the parts we only use the best materials that meet the latest environmental standards and are also fully recyclable. The parts are made with the highest precision on our own modern and automated machines. To ensure that the parts last for a long time we provide them with a durable surface treatment. The assembly is done by skilled and experienced employees with an eye for detail. Each product is then subjected to strict quality control so that we can be sure that it meets our high quality standard and that you can make a difference.

Mission & Vision

Our main goal is to develop and produce quality products for our customers in a fair way. That is why we offer our customers products that help them achieve top performance at a good price/quality ratio. We use our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content and find the right fit for each sector. We strive to develop the most creative and innovative products and to be a source of inspiration in the world of tripods and masts. We do things differently so you can make a difference!

Our         Future

We want everyone to enjoy our quality products. For now and in the future. That is why we continue to invest in our brands. We continue to expand our brands with new innovative products so that we can offer the customer an increasingly complete package. We also want to bring our products closer to the customer and increase our accessibility through more physical and online distribution channels. We want to become the best manufacturer of high-quality tripods for every industry.

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Our history






1983 –  Start of MQ Statieven
The company started in 1983 as a metalworking company. Due to a request from the market we started manufacturing tripods.

1988 – Sales of masts
In 1988 there was a demand for masts. We have started developing and producing masts to meet this demand.


2002 – New management of MQ Statieven
The company has been taken over by former employees Van Dongen & De Vries. They have continued the company with the same core values.

2008 – Expansion of building in Etten-Leur
Due to the growth of the company in 2008 the current location has been expanded with a second production hall.

2010  Sales of GNSS/GPS masts
Due to market demand the development and production of GNSS/GPS masts for machine control applications has started.


2018– New Direction MQ Statieven
The company is taken over by Frank van Dongen & Jossinda van Dongen – Vissenberg. The focus will be more on tripods and there will be a new vision for the future.

2019 – Start development brand MQ
MQ is being developed as a brand for quality tripods for the industry. The tripods get a modern design and are made of high grade materials for more stability and a long service life.

2021 – Founding TripodStore
We wanted to bring our products closer to the customer and expand our accessibility so that everyone can enjoy our quality products for a fair price. With this vision the TripodStore was founded in 2021.


2022 – Start of Dovi Group
Dovi Group will be our new company name and the umbrella organization for our brands.

2022 – Innovation Precision Tripods MQ
The brand MQ has has been further developed with the introduction of the Precision Tripods, MQ has also proven itself in the metrology. These tripods have a extremely high stability and thanks to our patent pending Anti Vibration Technology, you can achieve the most accurate measurement results.

2023 –  Official Launch Geomate
Geomate offers a wide range of tripods, masts, and accessories used in construction and argiculture for surveying and machine control. The products are very solid and are characterized by their multifunctional usability.

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